Tara Kligman

your life is your medicine

your life is your medicine

your life is your medicineyour life is your medicineyour life is your medicine



I will work with you to prepare a personalized grocery list and meal plan. Then we will go to the grocery store of your choice and go shopping! This is very fun way to learn about new foods and how to cook them. You will feel inspired and have your creative juices flowing for making easy, flavorful meals.

As part of the grocery tour, you will learn how to create meals that are balanced in fiber, protein, and healthy fats. With my culinary background, I will teach you how to make simple and super flavorful dishes! Each meal will be loaded with the plant healing benefits of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. You will learn about amazing healthy substitutes for your favorite foods.

  • learn how to confidently navigate the grocery store
  • identify food additives and other harmful ingredients
  • learn how to read food labels and choose healthy foods
  • shop effectively reducing food waste and save time and money
  • learn about non-toxic cleaning and beauty products
  • explore new products and healthy substitutes to your favorite foods
  • receive a personalized grocery shopping list
  • learn organizational tips for planning, shopping, and cooking 
  • know how to choose healthy snacks
  • learn which foods are most important to buy organic 



We begin with a 40-minute consultation and then the fun begins; a one hour grocery store tour! We'll walk down each aisle, and I'll point out the foods to avoid, foods to look for, and much more. Included are follow-up recipes, meal suggestions, and one week of email support.



A grocery store tour and kitchen makeover! 

"Tara is truly one of the sweetest humans I know. She views life as a beautiful ceremony from which we can draw meaning, and that includes the way we eat, drink, interact, think, move and create. Tara will bring this holistic and sacred approach to all that she does, to make working with her a joyful learning experience. Tara truly cares deeply about all that cross her path. She will help inspire a deep foundation for your health and self-care practices."

Sabine, Exercise Physiologist