Tara Kligman

your life is your medicine

your life is your medicine

your life is your medicineyour life is your medicineyour life is your medicine



Are you a health practitioner wanting to host a wellness talk for your patients? 

Or would you like to start a wellness club with your friends? A wellness club is a fun way to get together with friends and learn more about nutrition as well as share your health goals in a supportive environment. You will receive food samples, recipes, and supplemental materials. 

The talk is complimentary for the host and there is a seven person minimum. I will bring supplies and refreshments. Sign up for three or more health talks for the wellness club discount! 

$25 per person or $15 per person for the wellness club discount


Glow from the inside out! Expand your perspective on beauty that focuses on how to feel vibrant and radiant. Our skin is the largest organ and absorbs 60% of what we put on it. Learn how to feed and nourish your skin! You will learn about beautifying foods, why it's important to choose nontoxic skincare, learn natural DIY home remedies, and self-care practices for a healthy and radiant look.


Learn about eating a nutrient rich diet that keeps the immune system thriving. You'll learn tips to help prevent sickness. We'll discuss superfoods, how to maximize nutrient diversity in your food, learn how to choose high quality supplements, and how to incorporate common inexpensive modalities into your daily lifestyle that boost your health and wellbeing. 


All your nutrition questions answered! Topics include: organic vs. non-organic, comparison of different diets, superfoods,  how to eat a balanced diet with a full nutrient spectrum, benefits of juicing, value of fasting, and how to maintain a healthy weight without dieting.


Deconstruct and redefine what health and healing is. We'll discuss an integrative approach to health that links mind, body, and spirit. Your relationships, spiritual practice, career, physical activity, and diet are all interlinked and will be improved! 


Understand and reduce cravings without deprivation, dieting, or denial! We’ll learn how to balance mood, blood sugar, and energy levels to prevent emotional eating. We’ll talk about the the five tastes of food (sweet, salty, sour, bitter, unami) and why they all play a role in controlling cravings. Cravings are crucial pieces of information that tells us about our physical and emotional health. Perhaps the sugar cravings are a message that we need more sweet self-care in our lives! 


Transform your relationship with sugar! Enjoy sweetness in your life without compromising your health. I'll talk about the risks of processed sugar, healthy sugar alternatives, and ways to enjoy sweets without loading up with sugar. We'll identify hidden sugars in foods, understand and reduce sugar cravings, and learn how to make low sugar desserts that are both delicious and nutritious! 

”Tara is a natural. Her knowledge for holistic health and healing runs deep. She is a wealth of knowledge and has been entrenched in the healing properties of food and lifestyle before it became mainstream. She lives what she teaches and is a trusted source for healing. Her recommendations are thoroughly thought through and researched giving me confidence that I am being guided by a trusted source. Tara has the power to help people heal by teaching them how to care for themselves and live their highest purpose.” Lisa, yoga instructor

“This woman knows her stuff and I can not recommend her enough! She is spreading love and healing through delicious and nutritious plant-based food. Her beautiful spirit and mission shines through so well.” Natalie, psychologist