Tara Kligman

your life is your medicine

your life is your medicine

your life is your medicineyour life is your medicineyour life is your medicine



"The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison." Ann Wigmore

Are you confused about wellness trends and what to eat? The world of health and nutrition can feel overwhelming with the numerous and ever changing trends, diets, and foods. It takes time to sort through all the information by yourself, that is where I come along as a Health Coach. I've studied the theories, read the books, and on an ongoing quest to learn new nutrition and lifestyle practices. My objective is to create a fun and flexible approach to eating.  

Our personalized sessions will simplify and clarify your confusion on how to eat healthy, balanced meals. I'll teach you how to become an intuitive eater and move beyond the diet mentality. I believe in the concept of bio-individuality. We're all unique beings with different needs, and my recommendations will be specifically tailored to you as I take in consideration your preferences and unique needs. This personalized approach ensures success!

Do you want to learn lifestyle tips for optimal wellness? In my coaching style, I have a holistic approach on health and wellbeing. Our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states all affect our health. Are you stressed? Stress is a major factor in emotional eating, poor digestion, and inflammation.  Do you experience insomnia? Lack of sleep can cause weight gain and low energy. Do you have acne and skin breakouts? Inflammation and food allergies can cause this. It's all interconnected. We will explore all these factors to transform your food choices and habits 

Health Coaching is for everyone and anyone who wants to feel more balanced and vibrant in life. It's not just for addressing specific needs or issues, but for raising your wellness potential to the fullest. Your health is like layers of an onion. With each coaching session, we'll go deeper and deeper, peeling off one layer at a time to uncover your innate radiance. 

You will transform knowledge into sustainable action for real and lasting results! 

  • attain health goals and identify the challenges that keep you from reaching them
  • increase energy 
  • improve sleep
  • heal your relationship with food 
  • achieve and maintain your ideal weight
  • heal digestive issues
  • improve eating habits
  • balance hormones
  • reduce inflammation
  • make self-care a priority
  • have glowing skin, stronger nails, and shiny hair
  • cook quick and nutritious meals
  • make healthy food choices 
  • learn self-care practices for stress reduction
  • understand food cravings and what triggers emotional eating
  • lifestyle tips for longevity and prevention




A power filled 90 minute session on your health goals!


The journey of health is not an overnight quick fix. When we work together over a period of time it allows you to fully embody, understand, and integrate our sessions together. Go deeper and deeper in each session!  Includes initial 90 minute jumpstart session, 2 follow-up visits, unlimited email support in between sessions, and a grocery store tour.

FOLLOW-UP SESSIONS ~ $90 or 3 FOR $240

Want more clarification? Want a refresher? Something new come up? I recommend a monthly session to keep things on track!

"Tara's knowledge of nutritional health and diet led me to a renewed commitment to truly take care of myself in a holistic and healthy way. Her compassion and positive attitude made each session with her a success for me. I would recommend her without hesitation." Ethel, public speaker

"The impact Tara has had on my emotional and physical wellness is inmeasurable. Her compassion, empathy, and warmth are the secret sauce so many ‘healers’ are lacking. She is a living example that cares so deeply about bettering the life journey of all humans. Tara’s guidance has had a greater impact on my type one diabetes than all dieticians and endocrinologists I had previously seen… combined. After one of our sessions I was inspired to start running again. Within a year I had completed two marathons. I have endless gratitude for the healing, light, and energy she has brought to my life." Brianna, entrepreneur  

“I highly recommend Tara! As a health coach she is very knowledgeable about nutrition and plant based living, but she also makes it creative and fun! Tara is highly compassionate, and intuitive, which allows for healing through food to take place.”  Katie, doula