Tara Kligman

your life is your medicine

your life is your medicine

your life is your medicineyour life is your medicineyour life is your medicine



Detox your kitchen with a pantry and refrigerator clean out. The kitchen is the heart of the home, a source of warmth, comfort, nourishment, and hospitality. It can also be neglected, disorganized, and a hidden source of toxins. Feeling comfortable and enjoying time in the kitchen will help you make beautiful nutritious meals. Together we will make your kitchen a sacred and beautiful place!

  • learn about nontoxic cookware and cleaning supplies
  • receive a personalized grocery list
  • restock your kitchen with health supportive foods
  • gain confidence in cooking
  • learn simple, everyday cooking tips
  • learn about my favorite kitchen accessories
  • organize your pantry and optimize your kitchen for efficiency



Two hours of decluttering, organizing, and beautifying your kitchen! Includes a personalized grocery list, resource handout, and nutrition tips.



A grocery store tour and kitchen makeover! 

"Tara Kligman, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, was my Arizona sweetness coach. At her suggestion, I expanded my sweet feeling into my kitchen, formerly the neatest and least-used room in my house. I had to make friends with my kitchen. Weird, huh? For me, it was like making friends with the enemy. But the enemy lurking in my kitchen cabinets now also contains lots of fruit, crunchy snacks, along with sugar. Tarasims: Your kitchen is a sacred place. Put candles in the kitchen. How sweet!" Ethel, author